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09-25-17  Five Things That Only A Russian Woman Does
A Russian woman is capable to do a great variety of things! But here are five things that no one else in the world does.

#1 A Russian woman is always ready for hard times.
A Russian woman has everything in her house! She has salt, sugar, matches, soap, medicines, and even an ax, a handbook of a young paramedic, a set of carpentry tools, a disinfection lamp and a can of holy water. We can continue this point almost endlessly because it's easier to say what a Russian woman does not have in the house: her house does not have a disorder from all these things. It is the mystery of the century how Russian women manage to compactly fold the whole set into a tiny closet.

#2 Russian girl grows food
All over the world gardening is a hobby and farming is a profession. But this is not about Russian woman! She has flowers, a fruit garden, and two hundred parts under potatoes. And Russian woman does not live in this paradise. Nowhere else in the world you will find a successful woman (doctor, school principal, editor-in-chief, lawyer) who will come to work on heels, with styling manicure on Friday, and on Saturday this very manicure will dig the soil. Because she can’t live without her own potatoes.

#3 Russian woman conserves food
While the rest of the world plays in domestic canning, a Russian woman opens a small canning factory on the veranda of a cottage. And she manages to prepare so many pickles, jams and compotes alone.

#4 Russian lady prepares a festive table
The culture of family dinners is widespread all over the world! But nowhere, in any country in the world, a holiday table for a family is cooked for three days in a row beforehand. And nowhere the amount of food will be enough to feed a company of soldiers.

#5 A Russian woman does not believe that she is a superhero.
And this is very sad. Because all these Batmen and Supermen can go to a dark corner and cry quietly with envy. Because they are weak in comparison to a Russian woman.

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