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09-19-17  Three qualities of the perfect Russian girl
Are you looking for Russian woman of your dream? Read these three qualities to define the one from the very beginning:

1. She is feminine
We all expect from a woman qualities that make her attractive to us - soft, sexually attractive, but not vulgar behavior, the ability to be affectionate and a bit driven. Femininity manifests itself in everything - from the style of clothing to the manner of communication - this is some kind of behavior close to the canons, which launches in the men's brain a program "to win, protect, admire." Actually, femininity is the main crochet that catches men. It is important for a man to be strong, to feel that he is relied upon and that he protects his weak and irresolute beloved from the cruel world with his broad chest. And when a woman is close, you feel that way.

2. She can evoke emotions
It's very cool when with Ukraine girl you feel the whole spectrum of emotions - from positive to negative. And the art of Ukrainian women is to find a balance that at the same time inspires the man and keeps him in good shape.

3. She has goals in life
A girl who has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve in life attracts with her energy. Goals can be anything - from a career and 10 children to their own origami and floristics classes. But the goal should be. A Russian girl who has an addicting attitude besides her accessories and fans is interesting as a person. Her eyes are burning, she is developing, her life is full and she has something to talk about. And, most importantly, when a russian woman is busy, she is not always available, and this increases her value.

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