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08-31-17  Seven reasons to go in for sports in autumn with your Russian Single Lady
Many Russian women train hard before the summer, trying to achieve an ideal shape that can be boasted on the beach. But when the beach season comes to end, our motivation is rapidly vanishing.

We provide you with seven compelling reasons why you should overcome the autumn laziness and start playing sports.

Reason #1: Sports will not let you get bored in bad weather. Friends refuse to go for a walk, referring to the bad weather. In order not to succumb to the autumn melancholy, quickly go to workout. Sports activities contribute to the improvement of mood (and shape too). Are you lazy to go out into the street? Then create your own gym and train in a comfortable home environment!

Reason #2: Strengthening the Immunity
Autumn is not only a time full of warm colors. Raw and cold weather is the way
for the spread of viral infections. To protect yourself from disease, you need to have a strong immunity. And then the sport comes to the rescue! Regular physical activity not only makes the body stronger and more durable but also improves immunity.

Reason #3: Autumn air temperature is ideal for sports
Although the warm summer weather seems ideal for an active pastime, in fact, it is not. People who seriously engage in sports can confirm this. Cooler autumn days are ideal for physical education both outdoors (when the weather is dry) and indoors if it rains. In cool weather, productivity increases, and training is not so exhausting as in the heat.

Reason #4: In the autumn, good fitness clubs open their doors
Have you longed to find a beautiful press? Or learn how to dance gracefully? Perhaps you are just looking for a good company to play basketball every week? Excellent! You can choose any sports class that you like.

Reason #5: You eclipse everyone around
Does not this motivate you? While the rest will be lying down after a very active summer, again picking up extra centimeters at the waist, you will blossom and become slimmer. You will be jealous, representatives of the opposite sex will shower you with compliments - should we continue? To look better than others is a good way to raise self-esteem!

Reason #6: In winter, there are various obstacles to exercise
Frost, snow-covered roads, flu, additional spending on Christmas and New Year's gifts, feasts with an abundance of food and drink ... Yes, indeed - in winter it is not so easy to attend regular training. Therefore, now, for the present there are no serious obstacles, it is necessary to take itself in hands and start to be engaged in physical culture.

Reason #7: It will be easier for you to prepare your shape for the next beach season
It seems that next summer is still so far away. It seems that there is still plenty of time to get into shape. But to think so is a mistake! After a few months of inactivity and passivity, it will be incredibly difficult for you to become slim again. Therefore, it is better not to take breaks in sports, but to train all the year round. So it will be much easier to keep the figure in great shape!

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