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07-31-17  What Should You know about your desire to older Russian Women?
Do you like older women? It turns out that this is a special sexual orientation!

Scientists have found that sympathy for older women can be identified in a separate sexual orientation.

We are used to the fact that there are two orientations: heterosexual and homosexual. But, it turns out, the world is much more interesting and brighter!
At least, the professor of the University of Ottawa Michael Seto, who published in the publication "Archives of Sexual Behavior" the results of his study says so!
So, Michael argues that sexual interest in people of a certain age is not a whim, but a full (and separate!) Sexual orientation. In general, all those people who choose their objects of passion, first of all, pay attention to the age of the object, are called chronophiles.
Actually, people who are interested in young Russian girls, indecently young girls can also be attributed to this group.
So, if you like older women (by "older" people we mean the ladies from 45 to 55 years old), congratulations! Perhaps you belong to a separate sexual orientation. (I'm not sure that you should tell this to your colleagues and parents: we are still living in an Old Testament society.)

Russian ladies in their mid 40th are very beautiful, they are mature enough to appreciate their natural beauty, their children are grown up and they are ready for new pages of their life. You can be the hero of her love story or life novel, don't miss the chance to get in touch with a single russian woman of 50.

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