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07-15-08  Love story of Natalie and Robert…
In certain moment of life I properly wanted to create a family, to love and be loved, to give birth to a child. My close friend who worked in marriage agency advised me to address their firm. And I did it. In order to make my dream come true I had to move from native Yalta to Sevastopol. The career passed on the second place, all my time was devoted to correspondence, communication through the Internet, to long and hard choice.
For the first time we met with Robert in November of 2003 year. That significant meeting was in the airport. Probably, it was love from the first glance: we looked in each other's eyes, and my heart whined sweetly! I turned stupid thoughts out from myself, thinking about impossibility of everything that was happening. But evidently, marriages really are done in heavens! We spent four unforgettable days together. We were communicated with the help of dictionary and gestures. He went away, and we continued our correspondence. In May of 2004 he came back for already 10 days! He wanted to see our country and we went to the South Coast of Crimea. Our trip was so romantic: walks under moon, meetings of daybreak… It was an hour before his flight to America, when Robert asked me suddenly: "Will you marry me?" I became dumb from the suddenness!!! By American tradition, as a token of engagement the fiance presented me with luxurious ring with a diamond… The New Year we already were meeting together. For that holiday Robert's sisters sent me the invaluable present: an album with his childish photos. "Welcome to our family…" was written on it… I can't describe you how happy I am right now! And I want to express my thanks to people from marriage agency, who helped me to find this happiness. They helped me to make an acquaintance with my Only Man in this world!!!

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