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07-24-17  Four tips How to save Russian lady from her fears
A Russian woman in a relationship is always afraid of something. She is afraid that you do not love or that you love, that you will find another Russian bride or that she will not find anyone better. And sometimes she is afraid of everything at once and pours this chaos on you. One Russian Psychologist and psychotherapist teaches how to remove fears and calm the lady.

Tip #1. Define the problem
Take as a fact that a girl who is sadly silent, nervously muttering or crying without reason, is in a state of a frightened child. Your first task is to determine if this inner child worries or grizzles. It is very similar, but the anxiety looks natural, and whims are more artificial and hysterical.

Tip #2. Suppress the whims
Caprice is a cover for the same anxiety and an attempt to control the frightening you. The first option to combat whims is to execute them. Feeling herself the main thing, the girl will calm down for a while. The second way is to be artfully angry and arrange a bad girl moral bribe. Her inner child needs a strong hand for peace, albeit with a virtual strap.

Tip #3. Take off the alarm
The logic here is not an aid tool. Try to prove logically to the child that there are no bandits in the dark, and you will understand why. First aid for removing anxiety is to hug and regret. But the fears of women are the result of your own doubts in yourself. To calm her thoroughly, get busy with your self-esteem.

Tip #4. Give freedom
Sometimes a girl is afraid of something, but it is not clear what exactly. May be she is afraid to lose you or may be her freedom. Take her hand more often. If she does not cling to you in return and her hand looks like a roach, draw conclusions and observe the distance. On her approach, move away a little, if she moves away, approach closer. So you take off her fear of intimacy, and in about ten years you'll have something right. Or not.

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