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07-24-17  How to know if your Russian bride is jealous?
Psychologists believe that the feeling of jealousy is, in fact, two very similar feelings, caused by completely different causes. And each sex is inherent in one type.
Men's jealousy is the desire to be sure that your offspring are really yours. Russian Women's jealousy is first and foremost the instinct of the owner, who does not want to share his property with strangers. If the man protects his Russian woman so that she does not get a portion of other man's attention, then the woman guards her man to be sure: he will not drag aside the pieces of meat that she will eat by herself.
That is why the fact of physical infidelity is so painful for most men, while a woman will feel much more unpleasant if her partner sighs about another woman, even if he is faithful to his wife.

you can cope with jealousy using willpower. That's what Bert Hellinger advises those who are tired of the Mexican series in their lives. "It is important to understand that in modern civilized society, a person can not have any rights to another. And no marriage contract is able to cancel this circumstance. " The psychologist advises the one who is jealous to look at his partner not as his property, but as a complete stranger, whose attention you want to achieve. Even if you feel that you have all the rights to complain, resent and grow furious, in fact, you do not have such rights. Moreover, nothing good these complaints and threats will end: now is not the time when infidel wives can be thrown in a sack in the Bosporus Gulf and cheating husbands can be sent to church repentance.

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