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05-31-17  How to choose the best photo for your dating site profile?
Australian scientists have determined that other people can choose photos for your profiles on dating sites and social networks much better. Their study they published in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.

"Want to become popular and look perfect on the web, ask someone else to pick you a photo," said David White of the University of New South Wales in Australian Sydney.

102 students of the University took part in the study. They submitted that they register in Facebook, on a dating site and in social networks for professionals LinkedIn. They chose the most successful and unsuccessful photo.

Then the scientists asked them to view 12 photos of strangers participating in the experiment. Students assessed the attractiveness, professionalism, and solidity on a seven-point scale.

Photos for Facebook, chosen by strangers, were on average twice as popular as those preferred by the students themselves. Photos for the dating network turned out to be 5-6 times more attractive.

Thanks to the photos, visitors to your profile get a first impression of you. That's why you should pay close attention to choosing the right photo.

In case you're not able or do not want to involve anybody in the process of photo choosing for dating site, use following tips to choose the picture yourself:

#1. Select a photo that shows only you.
#2. Be open
#3. Do not make a false impression of your photo
#4. If you can not find a suitable photo, make it

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