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09-12-08  Two years of search were worth it!
After two years of searches I can sigh happily:I found the man, with whom I can be happy together.
It was not an easy way: always, when you advertize yourself as a possible bride, you have to meet with a lot of letters and characters. It is hard work, which takes time and emotions. This work includes the meetings with different people - and very often these people in life appear to be quite different - not the same, as they were declaring themselves in letters.
And now - I found the man, who was resolutive to make his choice; he waskind and patient with me and with my family. We spent together almost three weeks in my country, and now Andrew is asking me to spend a week together for holidays, and come to his country - South Africa, to meet the New Year eve with him.
We both are in mature age, and have a lot of life experience - good and not very good, what is not surpeising. We both are sincere in our wish to spend the rest of our days together.
I still cannot believe, that it is true - but I feel beloved and adored.
I wish happiness to all participants of this site - and want to repean once more: it is difficult job, but the happiness is possible.
Good luck to everybody!

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