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04-30-17  What is "family life" for Russian women and foreign men
Family life is first of all cooperation. Therefore, the first thing you need to choose is a suitable life partner who would be ready for cooperation. It does not matter how beautiful, rich and romantic he or she is. If he/she does not match your installation for a specific relationship, it's likely that it's not your half. Example: lovers get married, while he believes that "she owes me", she believes that "he owes me". There is no cooperation, everyone is unhappy, six months later they get divorce. And all because young men and russian girls do not know the "rules of the game": the marriage was based only on sympathy, and not on a deep understanding of the purpose of living together.

Success in family life is 100 percent dependent on the woman! Moreover, it is precisely this state of affairs that corresponds to the interests of the family and the interests of the woman. Think about it: if she takes on a complete and thoughtful management of relationships, no one (including her husband) can prevent it! Therefore, every woman should just become a real professional in this "native" for her sphere - the sphere of relationships. In fact, this is the most important work that must be dealt with first. If you do not do this, then no one will do it for you!

What is the correct purpose of family relations? Ancient scriptures say that spouses should strive for unity on all levels of being: material, subtle and spiritual. When all levels are balanced, the spouses turn into some kind of integrity. But if progress is only in material matters, and spiritual development is lost, then the end is inevitable. The woman gets complete disappointment: in husband, in hereself, in life.

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