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04-30-17  Several useful tips for man how to treat his Russian girlfriend
If a man loves his state being next to his Russian lady, then a woman likes to feel the only one for her man.

A woman wants to feel that she is like air to her man, like water in the desert ... It is important for her to feel his love.

Simple words: "I missed you so much, I thought about you all day, you are the most important person for me in my life, I do not know what I would do without you, you inspire me, I feel life next to you, you fill me with such energy and strength "- can raise a woman's mood and fill it with strength and energy.

A man should also deal with his spiritual development and solve his deep problems not with a specific woman, but with women in general.
If a man does not solve his problems with his mother and continues to be under her influence, continues to feel guilt or fear of her, anger, resentment, then the relationship with a woman will not develop in the best way.

The woman will not be able to respect the henpecked man, although some women will try to turn their man into this in every possible way. Here it is important to show men's strength, not to allow women's destructive impulses to destroy his masculine nature.
While retaining his manliness, a man helps a woman to reveal her Femininity. A man should respect himself, his territory, tactfully be able to defend his boundaries, do not let a woman sit on his head. Do not think that by letting it happen you will be happy or you will make a woman happy.

As much as you like a woman, always remember that you are a man and do not allow a woman to rule everything, but for this you need to get rid of your laziness, infantilism, fear and guilt, develop your masculine qualities.

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