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04-23-17  Four thought-provoking films about love to watch with Russian Woman
You and your beloved Russian girl decided to spend an evening together watching a movie? Do not watch your favorite old masterpieces, try something new. Romance, but not a movie-romance for women only, but something that you will like - here you can see the list of the top four films for watching together!

1. Love in the time of cholera (2007)
The book of Gabriel Garcia Marquez "Love in the time of cholera" is probably familiar to you. It is about a man who has found the love of his life. But the girl is getting married another man. However, a man is ready to wait all his life to finally become happy with her in 50 years. The stunningly beautiful plot, as well as beautiful places in which the film was shot, are able to capture the attention of any viewer.

2. Closer (2004)
The film "Closer" is filled with sex talks, but there is none frank scene there. Four young people, whose roles are performed by Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts and Jude Law, have a complex relationship, it is unclear until the movie’s end who will be together. Melodrama? But the tension is like in the thriller.

3. My blueberry nights (2007)
“My blueberry nights” is Wong Kar Wai's movie, which made him a name in Hollywood. The film is filled with stunning beauty with visual solutions. Elizabeth, the main character, decided to leave her home to realize her real goals. A romantic cafe in which she works, a blueberry cake that always gets to a rare visitor. This is a very multifaceted movie that makes every spectator think about something of his own.

4. A Very Long Engagement (2004)
Everyone is convinced that the bridegroom of the main character died in the war, but she feels that in fact, he is still alive. She is considered a madwoman, nobody believes in her intuition, but she does not give up. An amazing film about love and devotion that can affect every heart.

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