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04-23-17  Seven laws of a happy marriage with your Russian wife
Success and happiness of a marriage are in women's hands. If the lady wants she can ruin a happy family and if she wants she can make the unhappy one be the most successful. So if there are any problems in your relations you need to discuss them with your woman.
Here are Seven laws of happy marriage you should remember:
1. Russian bride should improve a mutual relationship and not a man. To confuse these two concepts is harmful to marriage. This is Russian woman who has chosen her husband. Thus everything is in her hands.
2. A wife from Russia must be ready to follow her husband everywhere and share all his aspirations and principles.
3. A wife's duty is to accept any circumstances in which her husband finds himself.
4. A husband changes rarely only because a woman wants this way. All changes in a man are in the hands of a woman.
5. To accept the husband as he is with all heart is the best medicine that will support him and give faith in success.
6. Girlfriend from Ukraine should consider him smart and significant, and it will always give good results for her.
7. If a bride has already made her choice and now she thinks it to be not the best, there is no need to despair!

In the case of a problem, your lady will make a list of good and bad qualities of her husband. She will forget about negative qualities and she will look with great enthusiasm only on positive qualities. Considering only good features in her second half, she will noticeably improve the atmosphere in the family.

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