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03-29-17  Five important rules how to temper yourself from healthy Russian ladies
If you want to be healthy, temper yourself! Fortifying and 5 important rules for your health from Russian women who have already tempered themselves.

Fortifying is a system of measures aimed at resisting the organism to unfavorable environmental factors.
And in a simple language, it is the prevention and strengthening of immunity.
Agree, it is better to take care of your health now and prevent negative consequences.

Level 1: air baths and long walks in the fresh air. The simplest type of tempering available to all. Walk more often in the park, in the forest, near the ponds. In summer, the air contains useful substances produced by plants. In winter it is more oxygenated and it does not contain microbes and has a curative effect on the body.

Level2: contrast shower, bath, wiping and dousing. It requires little preparation and gradualness. For example, taking a contrast shower, you should slightly increase the temperature difference; Douche can be started from the feet, at the initial stage it will be enough.

Level3: regular swimming in the ice hole or at sea in the winter. Unequivocally there is a need for preparation because without it the chances of catching a cold are great.

Rules of Tempering:

1. It is allowed to practice levels 2 and 3 when a person is completely healthy. If there is cold, then it is better to wait.

2. Tempering should give cheerfulness and pleasure. Deterioration of well-being is a signal that it is worth stopping the procedure.

3. The rule of gradualness. We are talking about the temperature and the duration of hardening procedures. Start with a minimum, there is no need to be a hero and go to extremes. Be guided by common sense.

4. The principle of regularity. If you temper yourself within a week then you have 2 months break, there won’t be any effect and you’ll have to start again. To prevent this, do it regularly.

5. Take into account your individual characteristics and track the status. Be attentive to your feelings.
Prevention is always better than cure. Health, youth, and longevity to you, dear our dating site members!

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