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03-29-17  Seven tips how to arrange the holiday for you and your Russian wife
Remember that every day is a holiday, regardless of the number, month, weather, and the day of the week. We have the opportunity to live it richly and fill it with meaning. Moreover, if you're dating Russian singles, you should have a bright life.

So, dear friends, let's celebrate!
1. Meet every morning with a smile and with the words: "Today is the best day! It prepared pleasant surprises and gifts for me! ".

2. Make a list of what you would like to do. Let this list be of 10-15 points. Unleash your imagination and do not restrain yourself. Execution of desires is already a holiday! And who knows best what you want, and can embody it when you want? Of course YOU!

3. Let off your inner child. Children can sincerely enjoy the holidays and wait for them with enthusiasm and anxiety! When doing items from the list, enjoy and have fun.

4. Pamper yourself in a beauty salon, restaurant or movie. Or maybe you decide to go to an exhibition or a theater. Impressions and emotions are necessary for a holiday day!

5. Take time to the sport. A little physical activity will energize you.

6. Buy some flowers. Beauty and stunning aroma of flowers will lift your spirits! And the housing will be transformed and filled with the energy of these delightful plants.

7. Make up your own holidays and celebrate them cheerfully. Each holiday has its own history and attributes, think of such days in advance, attract friends and relatives.
Treat the life easier, it's beautiful! Be able to enjoy the simple things and notice the beauty in ordinary things. Then you will always have a wonderful mood, and the holiday will be every day!

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