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09-04-08  Ukrainian lady... alone in Turkey
We made it in spite of different obstacles and circumstances. It is our magic it has always been our magic Brent and I have met about three years ago. I am originally from Ukraine and I was living in Turkey at the moment when I met Brent. What an international relationship it was! We lived different lives on different sides of the world but the life kept bringing us together again and again. I had to leave my career and my life in Istanbul and I moved to US. It doesnt matter WHERE to live but it is much more important WHO to live with. What we have been through made us stronger and our feelings doubtless.

There is no escape from the fate and the moment to obey the destiny always comes We meant to be. We had the spectacular tropical wedding on the beach. Blue Ocean was symbolizing our relationship. Sometimes it is stormy and passionate or sometimes it is calm and peaceful. But it is always in a harmony with itself just like we are with each other.

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