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02-02-17  What should you know about a prophetic dreams to believe them with your Ukrainian girl?
When can you or your Russian girlfriend have the prophetic dream? How to look into the future via dreams? Have you asked these questions yourself?

Dreaming is the essential part of our life. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost everyone asked himself at least once: "When one can have prophetic dreams?" And "Does it come true, what I’ve just seen?". A prophetic dream is a dream, where you dream about the events that actually begin to happen in your real life. If you consider yourself to be a creative person, you love to dream and create all sorts of stories, your dreams are clear and lucid.

According to the researchers, this is due to the fact that the "dreamers" have that part of the brain actively working that is responsible for imagination, and their consciousness is much easier forms a coherent story. In addition, the most part of the so-called prophetic dreams is seen by people who do not neglect the spiritual practices and meditation, since they are able to work with their subconscious mind and set it in the desired fashion.

Touching upon the interpretation of prophetic dreams, we can’t but mention the fact that so far there is no scientific evidence that the prophetic dream does really come true. Therefore, people often rely on this issue on people beliefs. In particular, most of the Orthodox believe that the most truthful dreams can be seen on the eve of Epiphany. Catholics, in their turn, believe that one can trust only to the dreams that you see in the Christmas night. Prophetic dreams on Thursday is one of the most common beliefs.

Furthermore, answering the question, what days the dreams are prophetic, referring to national signs, it is possible to name any date of religious holidays, and the third day of each month. One can not forget about the feelings. Therefore, if after waking up you can not let the story or individual parts of the dream go, then most likely, it was a prophetic dream.

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