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02-02-17  What to give to Aquarius Russian Bride?
How to surprise the Russian who were born January 21 till February 18 under the air element? Representatives of the eleventh sign of the zodiac are unpredictable and original people. Therefore, when choosing a gift it is better to abandon logic and to be guided by the intuition only: your main goal is to surprise Russian birthday girl.

First of all look at the things that can cause bright emotions. In particular, if you like to give the impression, then pay attention to the gifts that fall into the category of extreme. It can be a gift certificate for vertical wind tunnel flight or individual lesson with an instructor if the birthday girl has dreamed to try her hand at taming the mountain tops on a snowboard for long.

Do not be afraid to show imagination. Believe me, you will not look ridiculous, if you name the star in the sky in honor of the birthday lady, or present her own portrait, assembled from the puzzle. Remember, your main goal is to surprise.

Unlike Capricorns, Aquarians love to get intangible and impractical gifts. So if you decide to present the representative of this sign a soft toy and it will cause pleasant memories there is no doubt the birthday girl will be satisfied.

But what Aquarius may not like is the gift of big size, especially if there is any piece of furniture such as a floor lamp or a vase.

Based on the above the money is not the best gift for representatives of this sign. Firstly, because this is difficult to make a surprise of such gift. And secondly, most likely, Aquarius quickly spends the whole sum, and the next day they could hardly remember about their spendings.

Particular attention should be paid to gift packaging, and because of this it can be a real preference. And for the most creative people, we offer to arrange the birthday quest that will eventually lead your birthday girl to the secret surprise.
Aquarians appreciate exotics and exclusivity. So do not be lazy and amaze her.

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