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01-26-17  Seven Universal Principles of Harmonious Relationships for your and your Russian Wives
1. Time and Availability
The time that we spend for the relationship is its barometer. Access to your partner when she needs you. The systematic lack of time for a relationship is an important signal, which may indicate that the relationship is lost.

2. Openness, Acceptance, Support
The accepting of your second-half as she is, without trying to change her. The manifestation of the openness to your date, giving her a place in her life, support her.

3. Attention and Interest
Careful attention to the feelings of your beloved Russian woman, the manifestation of interest in what she thinks, what decisions are made, how does she feel. Willingness to disclose the same thing about yourself, to allow yourself to see your soul mate closer.

4. Respect for Boundaries
Respect for your partner. Respect personal boundaries, the ability to let go.
Understanding that a person is not obliged to do everything the way you want. Everyone, even the most intimate is an independent, free personality. Each has his limits and only the person has the right to decide who he wants to make close, the keys of what doors to give, and what to leave himself.

5. Context
The presence of common context: common interests, hobbies, general outlook. The possibility of joint development, significant synergies.

6. Serving to others
The desire to do something for each other. It is especially important to do it selflessly, without expecting rewards in any form. How to test yourself on selflessness? If as a result of your service to your bride, you feel dissatisfaction, discontent it is a sign of selflessness, you wanted something to get in return. For the person who loves the actions themselves for the good of the beloved are the reward and happiness.

7. Gifts exchange, Treats, Congratulations, Innermost Thoughts and Feelings
The ability to talk about the relationship and show the whole range of feelings and emotions is the key to intimacy in relationships. Gifts, greetings, treats are an important sign of attention, desire to please, to make happier.

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