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01-26-17  Your Russian Wife Makes Selfie? Scientists Have Identified Three Types of People Who Make Selfie
Today it is difficult to find a person who would never do a selfie. Russian young girls are also selfie-lovers. And everyone makes self-portraits with a purpose, but it is not always associated with narcissism.

Inspired by the phenomenon of the selfie, US researchers published a scientific paper on the factors and reasons why people publish self-portraits in social networks.
Based on research, they identified three types of people who make selfie: selfie-takers (communicators), autobiographers and publicity junkies.

People of this type are used selfie, as a tool for communication with the audience or as a way to initiate a discussion, the discussion in the comments.
A good example of such communication has become the recent elections in the United States. The number of American stars published selfie from polling stations or in T-shirts with the words "I voted." Thus celebrities encouraged their followers also to vote or simply provoked to express their opinion in the comments.
The Selfie-Takers type includes Lady Gaga or Leonardo DiCaprio, who in his Instagram draws attention to the environmental problems.

People of this type use selfie in order to document their lives.
A travel, a new job or a boyfriend - it does not matter! They use selfie to report news from their lives.
This type can be attributed with astronaut Scott Kelly, who shares photos during his travel in space or the blogger Chiara Ferragni who publishes her looks.

Publicity junkies
The third type is publicity junkies. People who suffer from narcissism and firmly believe that their whole life must be made public.
Such people tend to show their lives in the best light to create an image of the ideal and successful person.
The third type can be attributed to the whole family of Kardashian, sisters Hadid, and Taylor Swift.

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