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12-14-16  Top Facts about Christmas and New Year from South America you Should Tell Your Ukrainian Girlfriend
Ukrainian and Russian New year's traditions are very alike. So dating Ukrainian girl you can easily understand the way your Russian single friend will celebrate the holiday. But Russian Ladies will be happy to know more about celebration customs of South American countries. So let's check them:

In Colombia, it is considered that it’s impossible to celebrate the New year’s day without shooting, fireworks and celebration explosions. Colombians make dolls representing the old year. They are put on sticks. Then they throw the dolls away and at midnight the charges and gunpowder hidden in the dolls start to explode. Old year, surrounded by flames and smoke disperses, giving way for the New Year.

Before the New Year all people in Cuba fill glasses with water, and when the clock strikes twelve, splash it through the open window into the street. This means that the old new year ended happily and the Cubans wish each other the New Year as bright and clear as water. The clocks in the New Year in Cuba strike only 11 times. Since the 12th time strikes exactly on the New Year, the clocks are given rest and calm to meet the holiday with people. Lol!

In Mexico, with a chime and flashing fireworks the carnivals begin. It is customary to break down clay pots filled with fruit, water, and Christmas gifts.

In Ecuador, before the New Year, they make a stuffed animal. It is a symbol of the year. It is put on a chair in front of the house equipped with a pipe and a walking stick. At midnight, people read the "will" of the old year, which lists all the troubles in the family. Then the "will" put into the eyes of stuffed animal, people light it and the old year fades into flames, taking away all the family problems.

In Peru, it is believed that the one who will pass around his quarter with a suitcase in the New Year's Eve, will be able to carry out long-planned trip. If he walks around the block and meets the girl with a willow twig, he can become her fiancé. if the lady asks to take a twig on the other end.

In Panama Christmas night is unusually noisy: the pipes drone, the sirens howl and people shout. According to ancient belief the noise scares the evil spirits away.

We wish you happiness this year! Happy New Year!

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