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12-05-16  Five Top Tech Gifts For the New Year to Your Girlfriend from Russia
The New Year’s day is coming soon. And you should remember that Russian ladies usually get their holiday gifts for the New Year’s Day as this is the major celebration in Russia and Ukraine. So, it is time to choose the gifts for family, friends and your Russian bride. There is no difference if a person is a keen techno-geek or a simple consumer: the high-tech devices like smart gadgets, mobile electronics, video devices are useful gifts. Let's see what is in trend this year.

Consoles: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR
Pro or Xbox One S
The game console is not just a device for games only. It is also a home entertainment center and a multimedia player. But since recently Sony's console has allowed you to dive into virtual reality "with a head" by wearing a helmet. It should be noted that last item has to be purchased separately.

Spherical and Action Camera
Along with the increasing popularity of VR-helmets, there is a new trend among fans of photo and video. It is a spherical (or, as they are called, 360-degree panoramic) cameras that can record everything that surrounds the device during shooting. The resulting video can then be viewed in the VR-glasses or be uploaded to YouTube. There is no need to say a lot about Action cameras like Go Pro. It’s really popular nowadays.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are more popular among men as expected. Therefore, choosing a gift to her beloved man, regardless of his age, this gadget will be the ideal present for the New Year from Russian woman.

Time goes by, and smartphones still remain the most popular gadget, without which life is difficult to imagine. The greatest variety of choices - including smart phones on the Android operating system. In fact, the choice of mobile gadget begins with the ecosystem - Operating System from Google or from Apple?

Helmets for immersion in virtual reality have already appeared on the shelves of digital and offline stores in two categories of devices: helmets, connected to the computer, and headsets, which serve as a smartphone screen.
The easiest and most affordable way to immerse a person into virtual reality is to use your smartphone, placed in special glasses headset as the screen.

Happy New Year!

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