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11-29-16  Four small but important habits of Happy Couples
1. Do not leave without saying goodbye
At first glance, it seems a trifle, but to kiss and say "Goodbye" to your Russian woman, even if you are late - is very important. It should be a kind of farewell tradition, showing your concern and setting the mood to your loved one on the day.

2. Speak tete-a-tete daily
It's necessary. Ask your Russian lady how was her day, tell about yours. Make each other the part of those moments of the day, where you were unable to be. Often couples neglect this, and in the meantime, this habit has the power to strengthen or destroy your relationship.
Do not delay your dialogues for tomorrow, otherwise, it will become a habit. After all, tomorrow is a new day, new events, new changes in the life of your other half, that can remain unnoticed.

3. Say "I love you"
There is no wrong way to say this phrase. Every time you say it, even after many years together, these words will have the same value. In relationships, people often develop a variety of complexes, for example, they worry about their appearance, about attitude towards each other. You can protect your mate from these thoughts, just repeating that you love her.

4. Surprise each other
This does not mean that you should give each other expensive gifts, or organize fantastic dinners. Unexpected kiss on the cheek of a loved one or some sweet words letting her know how lucky you are are enough. Even a small surprise brings a spark into the relationship.

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