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11-29-16  Five Qualities Of a Man who can be a Good Husband for Russian Wife
A Russian woman is interested in two questions. The first is whether her beloved man will ever become her husband. And the second: whether he will be a good husband.

A man may say that he is very responsible, but this quality should be expressed in his actions. When he finds the time to visit his relatives in the hospital, takes the child from the kindergarten and walks with the dog, if promised.
Relationships where there is responsibility and reliability are strong, they are able to withstand all the trials of life. Be it a child birth, flat decoration, moving to another city or even all at once.

Empathy (care)
Of course, every woman is pleased if her man notices a new haircut or dress. But to be honest, not all men are so careful.
And it's not bad because family relationships are much more important than the ability of a man to be attentive to the feelings of the woman he loved.
When two people care for each other, the relationship between them has become so close that they create their own micro-community isolated from the rest of the world. And it gets security, protection against external adversities.

It is patience, not tolerance. It is the ability to handle stress, to maintain the quarrel, not to bend under the pressure of problems and keep temper next to the emotional woman, and not to break down and not just silently stand people and situations who are not satisfied and who force to suffer. The life can be quite unpredictable, so it is very important if a man is able to withstand the emotional intensity.

Sense of humor
No sarcasm, no irony but quite good and positive sense of humor.
It turns out, a sense of humor is a good psychological mechanism of defense. But the ability to make fun of something, someone or oneself speaks about many other things: human ease, his openness to others.
So it is nice to observe how a man reacts when his woman jokes on him: if he laughs - then he is a good man.

This quality is not related to business success. We're talking about the ability to set realistic goals and achieve them, coping with the emerging obstacles on the way. It is all about the ability to arrange arising circumstances spontaneously, and not to give them to mislead you.
Purposefulness is not only the talent to be a reliable man, but in general it characterizes the ability to create something new. After all, the family is the result of a very powerful creative work.

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