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08-01-08  Age difference? It happens!
Natalia was 29 and lived in Kazan. She worked selling videos in a store but was a trained gymnast. She desperately wanted a family with the right person. She wrote to someone ages 62 in America and within 1 month had found him the sweetest, most caring man she had met. She wrote to him every day and even sent him some artistic photos of herself. He wrote back and within 2 months had given her the money to book a flight and all the papers to visit him. She vowed to pay him back some day as she was a proud person. She was shocked to discover that on meeting him, the first thing he did was propose. Natalia's heart raced as she accepted. She had never been happier. Now she is flustered, the same as her fiancé as they plan for their wedding in style.

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