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11-21-16  Five Useful Tips To Simplify Thanksgiving Day Preparation For You And Your Ukrainian Girl
Thanksgiving Day is a traditional American holiday, which is celebrated annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November since 1621. For different people, Thanksgiving Day means something different, but for most, it is the festive table, parades, football, family, friends and, of course, turkey. For many people it is also a time when you can finally forget things, to meet with loved ones and have a good time in their company. The Thanksgiving Day give us a chance to say thank you for the good deeds, for people who are close to us and for the wonderful things that happen in our lives. If you want to learn how to celebrate Thanksgiving Day just follow these steps.

Make the menu in advance. The traditional menu includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, several kinds of vegetables (sweet potatoes and squash), cranberry sauce, a variety of cakes and bread.

Cooking food. Some dishes can be prepared the day before the holiday, such as cookies or pumpkin pie and other dishes need to prepare the exact day of the holiday, so as not to lose freshness (turkey). Whenever you cook, do not be afraid to ask for help. It’ll make your life easy during the holidays. You can also cook two smaller turkeys instead of one large, to simplify the process.

Serve a festive table. Decorate the dinner table the night before, if possible. If not, lay all the accessories at hand, to serve them quickly when it is needed. Ask the children to help to serve the table. May they also contribute to the preparation for the holiday.

Spend some time understanding what Thanksgiving means. Thanksgiving Day is a chance for many families to be reunited for the first time in many years, it is a good time to think about love and care for others, as well as understand what you are feeling gratitude for.

Help those who are less fortunate in this life. Donate money to some charity fund, take toys or clothes to a shelter, feed the homeless, etc. So you submit a good example to your children and teach them to express gratitude for what they have.

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