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11-21-16  How To Get House Ready For Christmas Seasons With Your Mail Order Bride
The coming 2017 will be held under the auspices of the Red Fire Rooster. If you want next 12 months to be happy and prosperous for you and your Russian wife, it is necessary to pay special attention to the festive decoration for the New Year.

Each symbol of the Chinese horoscope has its own characteristics, taking into account which you can decorate the house for the New Year 2017 of Fire Rooster in a nice way. This simple process requires a certain knowledge and necessary attributes.

First of all, you should get rid of old stuff. Turn banal rubbish discarding into a kind of ritual: getting rid of the unnecessary thing associate it with some bitterness, disappointment or unpleasant event. This way you will purify your home and consciousness. Start preparing the room for the festive decoration with general cleaning. The order and cleanliness at home remove all obstacles and replace it with the energy of happiness, harmony, and prosperity.

The abundance of light creates a sense of celebration and a positive effect on energy at home. Bright lights should illuminate the entire house inside and out. Hang a red lantern at the entrance to attract money. For the decoration of the interior and exterior use yellow, orange, and red electric garland. Notice that not all the garlands are designed for outdoor use, so consult with the seller before buying.
Red color and its shades are major in the year of Fire Rooster. They must be in the elements of decor, ornaments on the Christmas tree and table setting.

Feathered symbol of the year favors ruby, carmine, scarlet, red-haired, golden and crimson colors. This palette is taken into account when choosing a dress for the holiday dinner. Ideal for Christmas decoration is red combined with gold, pearl, white and black.

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