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10-25-16  A Guaranteed Way to Attract More Russian Women
Are you the one who likes dating Russian women and you want to attract more and more of them. Ther is one way to proceed!
However this method is unethical. But effectiveness is proven by the scientists.

You believe that such a life-affirming thing as sex visits you less than you deserve, don’t you? You have several ways to get sex (without money, of course): to learn how to tell various stories in a nice manner, to frighten girl, lol, or to use the absolutely unethical thing which we will tell you about now.

Researchers from Queen's University in London said confidently: the less attractive (and even more ugly) your friend, who you went to the bar in the evening with, the higher your chances for sex with a lady.

40 people participated in a study. To begin with, they were given pictures of people in the average degree of attractiveness in order they appreciated their appearance. Then they were given a portion of ugly people pictures (though assuming that the concept of beauty is very individual). Then these participants were asked to re-evaluate the first part of photos containing middle attractive people. So, appearance evaluation has increased significantly!

Thus, if you’re together with a less attractive friend, your chances increase appreciably. By the same logic, we strongly advise you not to go somewhere with a friend who is clearly nicer you (no offense). Well, except that you owe him a large sum of money. Lol!

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