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10-12-16  Top Five Russian Delicacies to Taste While Dating Your Girlfriend
What sweet will you choose with your russian lady first?

#1. Tula Gingerbread
Gingerbread can rightly be called one of the most ancient Russian sweets. "Honey bread" has been known since the ancient Egyptians and it is appeared on the territory of modern Russia in IX century. That time the cakes were made from a mixture of rye flour with honey and berry juice. Now the most famous Russian gingerbread is Tula gingerbread usually rectangular tiles filled with jam or condensed milk, which is produced at the enterprises of the city of Tula, located in 200 kilometers south of Moscow.

#2 "Alenka" Chocolate
Thought according to the author of the chocolate one can find much more delicious chocolate in Russia, "Alenka" has become one of the most recognizable brands of the Soviet and then Russian chocolate industry. It has been manufactured since 1965 and it is the result of socialist food program to create mass, affordable milk chocolate.

#3. Baked Apples
Russia is a northern country, so here very little fruit is growing. Because of this, the principle fruit used in all dessert dishes is apple. Moreover, Russian traditional apple varieties are acidic apples, but the Russian cooks invented the way to make sweet dishes with the apples. Apples are pre-soaked in a variety of syrups and sweet broth. Then, the core is cut out, filled with a sweet filling and are baked.

#4. Churchkhela
Those lucky enough to attend the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, probably were able to try another delicacy, widespread mainly in the resort cities of Krasnodar region and transferred from Caucasian cuisine. It is made from strung on thread nuts that were thicken in grape juice with flour. This sweetness can rightly be called the most useful confection, because it contains a lot of glucose and fructose, vegetable fats, proteins, organic acids and vitamins.

#5. Paste
Russian merchants had extensive trade relations with the Arab East. Not coincidentally, one of the popular Russian sweets is paste or (marshmellow) is still strongly reminds us Turkish Delight - rahat lakoum that is know from the tales of Scheherazade. However, the main ingredient of pastes, which appeared in Russia in the XIV century, were Russian sour apples and honey. In the XV century the cookers began to add protein to this candy to impart a white color. Russian confectioners replaced honey for sugar in the recipe of marshmallow, and this sweetness is produced this day.

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