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09-06-16  Seven Facts About Flirting with Russian Bride That Every Man Should Know
Sometimes the task to approach an attractive stranger and start a casual conversation with her can be briefly described as a "mission impossible". Believe me, the scientists have the same problem! Therefore, they have seriously attended and studied the science of flirting up and down. And they’re even willing to share their findings with you.
Northern Illinois University professor David Dryden Henningsen identifies six different reasons why people flirt.
• Sex. The obvious way to take a partner to bed.
• Curiosity. The desire to try the probability of relationship with this particular person.
• Relations. Trying to change the degree of intimacy, so to say to get out of the friend zone, letting know the partner about true feelings.
• Selfishness. Some people flirt exclusively to appear in their own eyes as fatal seducers.
• Manipulation. The desire to get something from another person.
• Entertainment. For some, flirting is some kind of sport. Feelings or even sexual interest are beside the point.

Henningsen has conducted research. He gave 101 women and 99 men to listen to the recording of the same conversation, where the participants were flirting with each other. Then he asked to identify the reasons why they do it. It turned out that the majority of men believed that there is a sexual background of the conversation, and most of the women named it as motivation to the relationships. Bear this in mind, the next time an attractive stranger will begin to show signs of attention to you.

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