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08-27-16  The Best Qualities in a Man according to Russian singles profiles
Analyzing the profiles of Russian brides we’ve picked out the most popular and desirable qualities that Russian women are looking for in a man. Some traits in men are similar to the traits the men are looking for in women and some qualities are quite sudden. With the help of this list, you will understand women’s inner world better and you will consider these qualities while dating. Maybe after reading the list you will have to get rid of some of your traits and to get used to the new ones. So let’s see.

Ideal man from Russian girl’s point of view should have the following traits:
Be trustworthy, honest, loyal, loving, responsible, kind, smart, good listener, moral, confident, generous, , thoughtful, faithful, truthful, available, good communicator, attractive, good in bed, easy going, appreciative, sympathetic, employed, good with kids, down to earth, dedicated, calm, provider, work ethic, not a cheater, well read, good kisser, spontaneous, wise, well-spoken, creative, strong, expressive, goal oriented, good cook, connected, awesome, respectful to my friends, well traveled, gentle, musical, daring, rich, politically conservative, competitive, religious.

He has good sense of humor, integrity,loves me for who I am, doesn’t run away when problems arise, respects me, has patience, likes animals, cherishes me, puts me first, likes my family, honors me, wants to get married, loves the same thing I do, he loves god, is a homebody, , sacrifices for me, not prejudice nor judgemental and critical of anyone, everything is negotiable, speaks another language, be good singer, lol!

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