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08-27-16  Ten splendid ideas to spend the rainy day with your Russian woman

Last summer days become shorter, cooler and rainier. But it is not the reason to spend evenings in a boring way. Sometimes rainy days can be more romantic than sunny ones and Russian lady would be happy to have fun with you these days. So here are the list of the ten best rainy date ideas with your Russian girl.

Coffee, Cappuccino or Latte evening
Take your Russian wife out to an indoor cafe where you can sit by a window and just chat drinking favorite sort of coffee.

Cook a Gourmet Dinner
Have you ever dreamt to become a chefs? Yes? Take your chance and cook your own delicious meal at home Instead of ordering pizza in or going out. If such dream isn’t about you, I bet your Russian bride will be happy to cook for you.

Indoor Picnic
Get the cheese, bread, wine, and spread out a blanket for an indoor picnic. Add candles and relaxing mood music and you won't even miss being outside.

Visit a Museum
Whether it's art, history, or science, visiting a museum is a great way to spend the day if you don't want to be at home. Learn about your Ukraine date's tastes and fascinations while walking through your favorite exhibits

See a Play
Check your local listings and see what performances are currently playing in your town. See that show everyone's talking about!

Beat the rainy day boredom by going bowling and adding in a little friendly competition. Bowling is a fun and exciting activity that will keep you indoors for hours while the rain passes.

Movie Night
While seeing a movie on a typical date sounds boring, it's the perfect activity for a rainy night. Either stay in and watch all your favorites or see a new movie, just out in theaters.

Aquarium Day
There's something surprisingly cozy about being in an aquarium when it's raining outside. Check out the sea creatures and then dive into the cafe after your visit.

Indoor Rock Climbing
Entertain the idea of an outdoor activity made for the indoors with indoor rock climbing. There are many gyms that now offer the fun recreational activity for beginners with onsite trainers and equipment rental.

Build a Fort
You're never too old to test out the best blanket fort configurations. Hang some lights and grab some books and spend the entire day "camping."

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