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07-26-16  Seven Habits That Make You Unattractive in the Eyes of Russian Women
Read what can destroy your natural charm, and what can undermine charisma, as a result, it deprives well-deserved admiration of brides from Russia.

- Chronic lack of sleep. A study published in the British Medical Journal website can be the proof of this. In 2010, experts conducted an experiment: a group of students was showed photos of people who slept at least 8 hours and photographs of people who were not sleeping 31 hours. Not slept people were called "tired" (obviously), as well as less attractive, less healthy, sadder.

- Greed. In 2014, Chinese researchers conducted an experiment: demonstrating the students pictures of people they characterized each photo with epithets like "generous" or "stingy." Photos from the "stingy" category were called much less attractive.

- The language of the body. You must have heard about the body language. Some poses, such as the knees wide apart, hands rested on the hips, straight posture, eye contact, symbolize a person confidence. Researchers from Princeton University have created profiles on Tinder of volunteers of both sexes. In the first part of the experiment, they were posing in the closed positions. The researchers then created a profile of the same members, but in the "open" positions. According to statistics, the second time these profiles go greater popularity.

- Stress. A study in 2013 showed that women with elevated levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) seem to be less attractive to men. This also works in reverse. Subconsciously, people with elevated levels of the stress hormone seem less healthy and less fertile, and therefore less attractive.

- Too joyful view. Women do not like men who smile too much. Study of 2011, published on the website of the US National Institute of Health, found out that men consider women, demonstrating the joy and happiness as the most attractive and they consider arrogant women to be not popular. The women choose men with a proud and independent look. And the owners of big smiles are not interesting to the others.

- The lack of sense of humor. A man comes into a bar, jokes and stays alone!
The authors of the 2009 study "The impact of humor on interpersonal attraction and choice of partner", published on the website of the National Institute of Health, came to the expected conclusion: the worse you joke, the less attractive you look to the opposite sex.

- Smell. Science assumes that humans, like other representatives of the animal world, unconsciously are looking for a mate among individuals who unlike them genetically. One of the markers of genetic similarity is the breath. In 2004, researchers conducted the following experiment: the couples who are in long-term relationships were taken the DNA samples from the mouth and along the way all the participants were asked to tell anonymously whether they have cheated their partner. Later, the scientists compared the results and found out that in couples where the DNA has similar features, number of cheating is much more.

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