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07-17-16  Fabulous Thing Your and Your Russian Girlfriend Should Know About the Emotions
Sometimes life brings you and your Russian women such surprises that one can barely hold back the tears. Or we are witnessing the touching moments, be it a wedding or the birth of a child - and then we’re crying a river. Some people are trying to hold the emotions at bay and it is unclear what kind of feelings they are experiencing. And so there is an opinion: once a person can easily cry, he or she is unlikely strong emotionally. It turned out that everything is quite the opposite.
The research results show that at least 92% of people are touched to tears while watching the dramatic scenes in movies. According to other studies, such scenes allow us to feel in the shoes of the hero, that helps to develop empathy for others. And the ability to empathize only makes us better and stronger.

When we share someone's experiences and watch really touching the heart scenes, we become more open and understanding. This is due to the work of our brain: during emotional scenes, our body produces oxytocin that is the hormone that causes attachment and favorable location to people, and that makes us more empathetic.

That's why you should not be ashamed of your emotions and hide them. If you want, it is worth to have a good laugh or a good cry, it will only benefit you. Showing your own emotions, we learn how to manage them and become stronger.

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