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06-06-16  Three things you and your Russian women should know about marriage
Family and marriage are based on two people decided to live together. But men and women treat these notions differently. At first, young people are just dating and once they feel comfortable with each other they can create a family. But not all the couples want to get married. What are the men scared of in the relationship?
1. Responsibility. Not all men like the additional level of responsibility especially when the children are born. When you’re dating, he can always easily leave but when you’re married you’ll have to divide your ownership and children. Who needs to be nervous? No one.
2. Fear of change. Many people suppose that this is a woman in marriage who starts to change, relax and stop caring of herself. And in the case of dating she keeps feet as she is afraid of losing her beloved. Many men think that after the marriage many women becomes the housewives in old clothes with dirty hairs and the children who are constantly crying and don’t allow to sleep. So you see the development of events in the head of such potential husband.
3. Not a time. They think such step a serious one and believe the family should have at least its own apartment, a car, stable profit. And year after year nothing changes but you still wait for stability, but love becomes less and finally the story doesn’t have a happy end but, of course, there are exceptions of the rules as well.
These are the main principles why the men waits with the decision to propose. As for the ladies, most of the ladies are hurry to get married and once some a lady doesn’t want it she has the following reasons for that:
1. They are not sure in their choice or they do not love the partner.
2. They aim to make up the career so pregnancy and marriage are not in their plans.
3. They were married before and they don’t want to do it again too soon.
In other cases, these are women who insist on marrying as this is the principal point of life for them.

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