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05-19-16  Seven Differences in Psychology of Men and Women from Ukraine
Men and women can not even physiologically exist without each other because. But despite a number of differences boys and girls are a single unit that complements each other in every way. Of course, there are explicit and implicit differences between the sexes. But we would like to tell about the differences between men and women because the psychology of relations between men and women affect different subjects. We have chosen gender differences today.

1. Let's start with the structure - height and weight of women are less than of men, even the folds of fat are formed also in different way, so the men have more muscle mass, while the fatty layer is dominated among ladies, if the lady is not engaged in sports for increasing muscle mass, the same thing can happen with a man who drinks beer in large quantities and breasts and stomach starts to grow.

2. Men complain while feeling pain less, but if they are ill, they are waiting for help as if they are kids. The woman can withstand very strong pain.

3. There is more blood in the male body, but the female body restores blood loss faster.

4. Ladies become grown-ups faster than guys for a couple of years, and they live longer than 5-7 years on average, but the menopause is rather painful for women while some men do not feel the strong changes in older age.

5. The emotions predominate among ladies, and most of them think by heart and all men think logically, and they sometimes do not understand women's problems and inexplicable tears, so they say that women can not be understood.

6. The man sees the world through the eyes, and the woman through the ears, that is, she takes the phrases, but he judge by the appearance, so sometimes couples come to the erroneous opinions, not knowing about the features of the physiology of each other.

7. A woman likes to talk a lot, this way she gets an emotional discharge, a man, on the contrary, withdraws into himself and can silently think about something global for a long time. By the way, the vision of the men is more global than of girls’, but the ladies have a short-term memory that works well.

These are the differences between boys and girls, so learn this information, because it can help a lot in the relationship between the sexes.

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