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03-16-16  Three pillars of the perfect marriage with your Russian wife
Russian woman needs a strong and happy family. All people need to wake up each morning in the arms of a loved one, to have confidence in the tomorrow, to give happiness to someone you know. Everybody lacks this. In order not to waste a minute of family life, that can be happy in order the family has evolved into an ideal the partners should observe three mandatory conditions.

All the things can not be done. Therefore, you should distract even for a short period of time to show your attention to your loved during the day. You can, for example, send a warm text, send an e-card or call directly to say that you’ve missed her.

Who keeps evil at a loved one, he steals his own happiness. Do not prolong your stress, it can cause serious health problems. Of course, to forgive completely quickly does not work, it takes time. But even if the soul wound hasn’t healed yet, try to be as loyal as possible to your abuser.
Once you succumb to provocations, stop initiate conflicts, believe me, it's not interesting.

Do not wait for the moment when the hurt person will make a step forward. Have you said something you shouldn’t, have you? Apologize as soon as possible! And it must be done not for show, but from the heart. If the person still cannot forgive you, by all means ask what you could do this for him to make amends.
Typically, after a heartfelt speech, a truly loving man will unstiffen and ask for your forgiveness.
To live happily is easier than it seems. The main rule - do not be selfish. The concept of "US" is born in the family relationship that means much more than the sum of two persons.

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