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03-13-16  Morning is the most truthful time of day for you and your Russian lady
Do you think that your Russian bride bails when she hears the question that is not quite convenient for her? Do you want to get the truth from your other half? In this case, leave the serious talk for the morning. US scientists believe that the probability of hearing lies at this time of day is minimal.

Experimental group to investigate this important issue has been collected by scientists from the United States. The number of respondents is not specified.

All participants were asked various questions during the day. Each case of the lie was punished with 10-dollar fine, to encourage one to speak the truth.

As a result, scientists have determined the most honest period of time. It turns out that people are telling the truth, mainly, from 8 am to 12 pm. In the afternoon, when dinner is eaten, the false regime turns on. The number of untruths is increased by 75% with the approach of evening.

As Dr House (in the self-titled movie) confirmed: “All people lie”. But how often? The results obtained are entitled to believe that each of us tells the truth at least 4 times a day.

Who we lie to most often? Most often sharing the truth isn’t desirable at work, then with the parents, and only the third place is for spouses or intimate partners.

Men or women? The percentage of both sexes lie is approximately the same. Well, maybe the men are slightly ahead of women on this indicator.

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