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03-03-16  Thirty useful gift ideas for your Russian bride
You often ask yourself what to give to your beautiful Russian women! And you can’t find any answer! Don’t worry! In most cases Russian ladies don’t know what they want. Here is the gift tips list that will simplify your search.
1. The necklace is the perfect gift for those who want to show their woman they want to be with them forever.
2. Soft toys are the eternal gift for any girl! A sentimental person, as a rule, prefers this gift.
3. And now there is a tip for attentive people. If you’re the one, You've heard as the lady mentioned the desired gift. As a rule, men do not give proper attention to this.
4. Bouquet of red roses (or other flowers). Almost all women will appreciate this gift.
5. A great gift for girls can be items donated from the heart. It all depends on your imagination and erudition.
6. Perhaps all the ladies are indifferent to expensive jewelry. Ladies!
7. Many women, especially at the first date, will tell you that they prefer non-binding gifts. Be aware of this. And then it is not necessary to give expensive jewelry, palaces, and yachts.
8. Almost all the girls are happy with the gifts that will be envied by their friends. So, sometimes it is useful to listen to her friends, to surely find a gift to the girlfriend.
9. In recent years, it has become fashionable to give a certificate (voucher) for a certain amount in any boutique or clothing store, perfume store ... And I must tell you that it is not the worst gift.
10. You can choose the perfumes, cosmetics, clothes yourself, but only under one condition - you are 100% sure this thing will fit your bride!!!
11. To give some pet is a very gentle gift. Give her a small kitten or puppy. But first you must find out her relation to them.
12. Your hand-made will be very romantic of you.
13. Your own love poem will be not less romantic.
14. And what’s about household appliance?
15. Fashion Bag is also a very valuable gift. Even if she has six pieces, believe me, the seventh will not be superfluous.
16. Give her your affection and good humor! This is one of the best gifts.
17. Many girls prefer - a bouquet of snowdrops and a song with a guitar rather than expensive gifts.
18. Tickets to some exotic country for both of you will be a splendid opportunity to know each other better.
19. Many of the girls are crazy about the watches (even though they say that giving the watches isn’t good).
21. What else to give to a girl? Tickets to her favorite theater where the performance with her favorite actor takes place.
22. If a girl loves anything extravagant, give her a parachute jump.
23. Go shopping together!
24. Buy her a beautiful vase of live flowers to care for and always remember you.
25. By the way, on the basis of the preceding paragraph, give her something that will be stored for a long time to stand in a prominent position, and thus, to remind her of you!
26. Book the hotel and make a romantic night for her.
27. Or cook the dinner and call her to the beach. In my opinion, this is the most romantic gift to the girl.
28. Make the video with her photos like the slideshow.
29. Try a trip on the air balloon. It is very romantic, though terrible as well.
30. And only the most daring and courageous men can give the engagement ring and their heart? Can You?

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