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10-25-15  Insistence is an essential thing dating Russian woman - real example
One of our female members is happy to share with us her own love story that was possible due to our dating site.

Natalia aged 29 from Lvov.
- Dating sites allows you to find out quickly whether a person is of any interest to you for possible relations. Normally I do not like to delay the process of correspondence.

I always try to meet in real life. But everything turned out quite the opposite with John - he always was the initiator but I have no particular interest in him as he didn’t catch my attention at first sight. He immediately asked me my direct contacts and insisted on providing my phone number. To be honest, I didn’t want to give it as quickly as I didn’t want to make such serious step. But he didn’t catch me at all! And then one day he called and said that he was going to remove the profile as he was going to leave for another place. It turned out that John got promotion and he was invited to work on the contract miles away from his town and he was not ready for unserious communication. And then something changed in my head ... I thought, "How so? And who will catch my daily attention, which I used to? "In general, I decided to fly to him to meet. When I saw him, I was little fainted: 208 cm in height, very big person, not a man but a real bear. Good eyes, gentle nature and childish innocence – that was the combination of incongruous in this man.

Since then our dialogues didn’t interrupt even for a moment - we were constantly in touch! I moved with him and we immediately began to live together. Our relationship has lasted for almost a year, and now we’re moving to another city, we have great plans for the future that we are planning to implement. When I'm sad or sick at heart, he takes me with his bear paw, pressed to him and said: "Dolly, everything will be fine!"

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