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10-25-15  Russian dating online - a story of our Russian girl
People have dual opinion about the internet. Someone convinced that the serious relationship can develop only of live communication, while others claim that the World Wide Web helps to connect the halves. Russian bride from Moscow of 25 yo has found her ideal man with the help of our dating site. There she has communicated with three men, asked them questions and answered theirs. Then she suggested to offer her something she could agree and she will be able to choose the one of them. Bob offered her to drive on a skateboard, and this suggestion sounded so bright among other pick up questions that she chose him.
- At this very moment, I understood I needed to communicate only with him and we started corresponding several days and nights long. It was very easy to talk to, and there was a lot to do, so we decided to meet the very next month. He flew to me to Moscow. The first date we still remember laughing and saying that it was horrible. Bob was late but he brought a bouquet of wild flowers, which I happily forgotten in the cafe after the meeting. And no wonder: Bob behaved very strangely – he was nervous, broke toothpicks and because of this uncertainty I did not like him. But he was persistent, forced to accept a few more walks and cinema visits. At the end, I gave up! I didn’t want to confess as I was afraid of "evil eye" that could influence our feelings and his attitude to me. But endless flowers, surprises, romantic dinners and Bob’s care convinced that everything is real. So when at Valentine's Day instead of earrings (Bob often gives them to me) I saw the engagement ring, then, I replied "Yes!" without hesitation.

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