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09-27-15  Dolce & Gabbana issues a pair collection of fragrances for you and your Russian lady
What can be better than having common interests, desires and even tastes concerning the perfume with your hot Russian girl? Designers and perfumers Dolce & Gabbana offer the lovers to look in the same direction and breathe the scents that unite. Creating paired flavors is one of the traditions of the Italian fashion house. Velvet Exotic Leather and Velvet Mimosa Bloom has become the eleventh and the twelfth in the "velvet" selective collection. As recognized by Stefano and Domenico, these flavors are not simply an addition to the Fall brand: each one is connected to the dear creators’ memories and represents male and female. The image of a beautiful lady is expressed with the notes of Sicilian mimosa, and man's character reveals a chord of black leather, fir balsam, and rum.

Eau de toilette Brit Rhythm, Burberry
Eau de Toilette L'Eau Kenzo Par Intense, Kenzo
Eau de toilette Gucci Guilty, Gucci

Perfumes are a good holiday gift, birthday present or Just Because. Perfume is one of the gifts that will remind your Russian bride about you and which aroma will recollect about minutes spent together, warm memories, some crazy deeds and sweet jokes – all precious moments of your meeting.

Have you ever asked your lady which aroma she prefers? Have you ever asked her if she has the favorite perfume? Once she has, despite the distance, you can buy this perfume and feel the smell of your lady… Be sure once you meet her, she will be much closer to you from that moment.

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