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09-27-15  Be the man of your Russian lady's dream. Follow our advice to care about your back.
It is great when a person has a beautiful soul, face and clothes. But if he doesn’t have any other disadvantages, he can be called a man of the dream especially dating the russian woman.

WE provide you some tips to take care of your back.
So, proper care of the back:
Male skin is much thicker and coarser than a female one. Therefore, it has more pores that actively operates 24 hours per day. The oilier skin, the more often the pores are covered with acne. These small dark dots are densely located on the face, the second of their favorite place is between the shoulder blades. To get rid of them you should use soap or shower gel with antibacterial effect.
Use scrubs twice a week. It will remove the dead skin particles that interfere the pores to self-clean efficiently.

Use a natural sponge or stiff massage mitten, and after the shower rub with the towel vigorously - it will improve the blood circulation.
Exercise, putting on only well-breathable clothes. Just between the shoulder blades there is more sweat when you exercise your body, this sweat is a perfect breeding ground for the emergence of acne.

Improper care of your back:
Don’t let your girl clean and get rid of acne herself. If you are to clean the skin at the back, do it only at professional cosmetologist.
Oils and fatty lotions applied to the body after a bath helps only the people with dry sensitive skin. If you have oily skin, then the only thing which will serve such nutritional feeding is obtaining more acne.
UV lamps and the rays of the sun dried and degreased your skin. But if you overdo it with the dosage, then in some time you will get much more acnes on the pink after a recent burn skin. Use a cream with UV filter.

Long hair on the back is really too much. But do not shave it. Once you want to remove such hair, do it with a special wax or depilatory cream.
Be the man of the lady’s dream.

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