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08-28-15  Russian woman married the Spaniard
I'm an ordinary Russian lady who was lucky enough to find her happiness at the Russian dating site. I found my husband from Spain and want to share my thoughts. It is not true that the Spanish people are lazy and live from siesta to the fiesta. In Catalonia, everything is vice versa. Local people are workaholics. Women also do not see themselves as housewives, but they tend to have some male profession.

I was lucky with the parents of my Spanish husband. They do not interfere in our affairs and normally perceive my impulses to bring up our daughter in Russian-Spanish traditions.

Spaniards love to talk. Going out on the street for bread, you have to be prepared to meet all the neighbors and friends. And you’ll have to talk with each of them at least two minutes. This can put to trouble when you are in a hurry, but I still like it. I like to talk about different stuff with the sailor, to exchange a few words with the guy who I buy a coffee at in the morning on my way to work, to take interest in the health of the old lady whose name I do not know, but who is always smiled to my daughter in a stroller. Here, all the people greet and smile. And the Spaniards are enviable family, men. They get married late, but it is more righlyc but not recklessly, as many people do in our country. A man does not try to change you.

My husband and me solve any problems, discussing them. We are both against discrimination on grounds of race, religion or sexual orientation. We have the same tastes. We knew what we wanted from a partner and luckily found it. The husband tries to get closer to my culture. He read the books of many Russian writers. He likes Russian pop music. He likes that we - unlike Europe - are well-read. And he wants to go on the Baykal lake and to see many cities of my homeland.

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