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08-26-15  4 ways to keep Gemini ukraine women next to you.
How to keep russian beauties of Gemini sign? In order to do this, you must take into account the distinctive features of this star sign. Gemini ladies are extremely fascinating, they are original and easy-going, but they are pretty frivolous and flighty. Therefore, to keep the woman of this sign is not so simple. However, if you can do this, then this russian lady will make every effort to make you really happy, and that's for sure she could.
And we can give you some tips in this regard, to maximize your chances of success.

1. Do not let your fiancée missed you. Gemini need something original and interesting all the time. The banality and boredom are counter to representatives of this sign. Therefore, if you are a fan of stability and cannot at least sometimes surprise your beloved lady, you likely won’t be able to keep her near you. And if you get it, your favorite woman will try to find adventures on the side.

2. Be sociable and easy-going. Fast paced life of Gemini requires you to match. You must have a sense of humor, you should be able to maintain a conversation, to have a broad outlook. Your woman will appreciate if you can demonstrate your knowledge and demonstrate a sense of humor. Believe that Gemini will not be thrilled with the fact that her man in the company of friends or at a party will sit in the corner and keep silent.

3. You need to embody all the possible roles: a lover, a friend, a teacher, a student, an assistant, a support in life. Become for her the epitome of the whole world. You need to move closer to the ideal of the beloved one. However, be aware that universal advice can’t be given in this situation because every woman has her own image of the ideal man. You just need to understand what image your woman describes herself.

4. You need to become a knight, beloved, and a gentleman for your lady. Be sure that Gemini will be able to fend for herself, but she will be happy to play the role of a defenseless girl who needs your help. This applies not only to some extreme situations, when there is the danger of life and health of the woman he loved but also to a completely ordinary situation. Give your woman a hand, help put on a coat, move a chair for her, skip forward - in short terms, show gallantry. Believe that Gemini will appreciate this quality.

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