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12-14-20  Who gets lucky in love in 2021 on the dating site (part 1)
The new year 2021, which will be patronized by the White Metal Bull, will be a great time for love and marriage.

In the New Year 2021 many free people will be lucky enough to meet a soul mate online and not only. A love horoscope promises that stability and harmony will reign in couples.

Couples who have been in correspondence for about 2-3 years will receive special attention and help from the Ox: 2021 will be a very important period for their love.

With the arrival of the new year 2021 of the White Metal Ox the love life of Aries will flourish with renewed vigor! The love horoscope advises Aries to embrace a new life, and not cling to the past and try to revive the extinct passion. This period will be filled with vivid online acquaintances, among which you can find a real treasure.

In 2021, Taurus should not make hasty decisions in affairs of the heart. It is important to be thoughtful and serious.
The first half of 2021 is best suited for improving your personal life. It is at this time that there is a huge chance to meet a kindred spirit. The love horoscope advises to go online and visit the chat more often.

The love horoscope advises you not to take possible troubles very seriously and keep emotions under control. This will help to fill communication with a girl with harmony at a distance.
In 2021, the Ox will give lonely Gemini a chance to meet a soul mate online. The most favorable period will be the period from late summer to early autumn. The time spent away from home will be especially good, for example, if you organize a meeting with your Russian beauty on the seaside or even in another country.

Free Cancers are unlikely to meet a soul mate in the Year of the Ox. Moreover the zodiac sign should minimize new acquaintances in spring. You should not rush and reveal your feelings to the person you like right away. Communicate actively in chat and through correspondence, get to know the Russian girl better, and only then make a decision.

The free representatives of the zodiac sign will be lucky in matters of the heart in late summer and early autumn. Those who know how to wait and believe will be rewarded with an acquaintance with a worthy candidate. Lions who are not lucky enough to meet love during this period will have no reason to be disappointed. Although it will not be possible to build a long-term relationship, but a passionate romance on-line which can later leave pleasant memories is ahead of you.

The love horoscope is in a hurry to please Virgos - the year of the Ox will bring many joyful moments in the love sphere. In 2021 the zodiac sign can safely count on positive changes in his personal life and online meetings that will turn into strong relationships! In many ways, progress in matters of the heart will depend on the Virgins themselves, because over the past year they have done tremendous work on themselves, have become more reasonable and restrained.
To be continued..

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