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08-29-20  How to communicate with a Russian woman: five "male" rules
Some men never manage to meet the girl of their dreams on a dating site. They look for the reason in their appearance or wealth, while the main reason for loneliness is their behavior. His success on the love front depends on how a man communicates with a Russian or Ukrainian woman on the site. Many representatives of the stronger sex mistakenly believe that the mere possession of a car and an apartment can lure a beautiful companion. However, in reality, everything is not like that: Slavic women pay attention primarily to the behavior of a man. If you want to know the five main rules for communicating with Slavic brides on the site, then this article is for you.

Don't humiliate her
Due to inexperience or their own stupidity, some representatives of the stronger sex begin to belittle the Russian woman from the very first minutes of communication. For such behavior, any worthy companion will immediately stop responding to your letters and messages in the chat. If you intend to "hook" a Slavic girl, then you should act completely differently. Let the girl know that she is special, and she is unlikely to resist your spell. Don't talk about or notice her flaws. It only scares women off. Be the one who literally idolizes your companion in your own words.

Be the best friend
It is easier for men to show their interest in a Russian woman by communicating and listening to her. Deep down, every woman dreams of a partner who will be interested in listening to her reflections on music, cinema, and her friend's past wedding. Naturally, you should not listen to everything that your beloved is trying to convey to you with an indifferent look. You should be really interested in the life of Slavic girl you are interested in. If this is not the case, then the woman simply won’t want to share with the man the details of her life, either online or in life.

Take care of her
No matter how far feminism and equality go, caring will always get at women. It will be enough to concern about her well-being and elementary attention to detail. For example, if your lover is sick, stay with her. Such little things will not cost you a dime, but a woman will remember them forever. If a man does not pay attention to the desires and needs of his companion, he immediately descends in her eyes. Remember, women are the best at remembering words you didn't say to them.

Keep a stiff upper lip
Remember that the words man and courageous are synonymous. When a woman begins to communicate with a representative of the stronger sex, she begins to expect the same strong actions from him. Of course, no one prohibits you from being touched by the video with kittens. But don't fall into childhood or act like a teenager with a woman. Defend your point of view, but do not try to convince the woman that she is wrong. A man should show his character and firmness when his companion expects it. The same should be shown in your actions.

Don't make empty promises
Many men, trying to impress the fair sex, present Russian women with hundreds of unrealizable promises and plans. Many wise girls immediately understand this and stop communicating with companions who are not able to seriously assess the situation. For example, you should not start choosing a country for a joint vacation or planning a future wedding from the first letters. Learn to take a woman seriously and, believe me, you won't have to wait long for reciprocity.

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