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06-20-19  Russian omens of love and happiness
Choosing a place to meet lovers should prefer the seashore or the foot of a hill, or forest thicket - this means that they will be true to each other and their feelings will not pass away.

The best time for the marriage proposal is Friday night, and the engagement, in this case, must be announced on Saturday.

If during the meeting the plate is broken, according to the people’s signs, it is necessary for both to step over its fragments – it will bring fortune.
Turquoise is considered a lucky stone for lovers - its blue color symbolizes constancy.

Deciding to make a gift to your partner do not buy gloves, watches, a brooch or a knife - this will lead to separation.

If you feel in love and loved - so that happiness does not end quickly, after sunset you should not cut hair, nails, wash your feet, take a shower. Taking a bath, first, get out of it before flushing.

There should be no opals or pearls in the wedding ring of the bride.

Ask your Russian girl which omens related to love and relationships she knows. You can hear very unusual and incomprehensible for a modern person. And do not forget to share the signs of your region; your beloved will be very interested. Discuss how this or that sign appeared. Our site is inclined to believe that exactly what you believe will come true for you. Therefore, believe and hope only for the best!

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