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12-20-18  It is necessary to do this on holidays!
Slavic people for a long time have New Year omens. I think it will not hurt you to find out some of them:

1. On the New Year’s Eve you cannot lend money, otherwise you will be in dire need of them the whole next year.

2. If you want good luck to accompany you in the New Year, put on something new.

3. In order for the house to have wealth, the New Year’s table must be filled with a lot of food and drinks.

4. If on January 1, the first guest in the house is a man, the year will be happy, and if the woman - not.

5. Remember how you will meet the New Year, this way you will live it. Try not to argue, not to quarrel, not to cry and not to go to bed early on the eve of the New Year.

Based on the last proverb, it is very important to celebrate Christmas and New Year with your beloved woman. Repeating this tradition is necessary annually. Spend holidays in different cities and countries, but most importantly TOGETHER!

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