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10-16-18  Pheromones cannot be fooled!
To spot this, tricky researchers from the University of New Mexico (New-Mexico University) conceived a "fragrant" experiment. They offered their students ... to smell the wet T-shirts of unfamiliar men who had just played basketball from the bottom of their heads (of course, the girls didn’t see the men). Students suffered for good reason. The conclusion was a discovery: the girls liked the smell of those men whose immune systems were different from their own. And the more it differed, the more they liked "incense" (read – man). And again, evolution explains everything. The immune system helps us fight disease. Its properties depend on genes. People who inherited various genes have a clear advantage in the struggle "for a place under the sun."

However, scientists have got to the bottom of something else. It turns out that our noses not only recognize the activity of various genes, but also can detect symmetry. Students from the University of New Mexico, unwittingly, chose men with more symmetrical proportions. Of course, if the representatives of the stronger sex had to subject their noses to the same test, nothing would have changed. Both sexes are always trying to choose symmetric face and figure. Scientists figured it out back in the 1990s.

National Geographic quotes Randy Thornhill, a university professor, a biologist in this regard: “Symmetry is a reliable indicator of quality. After all, it is very difficult to achieve! ”

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